Peer Analytics

Compare loans, applications, and deposits to peer groups on risk/performance metrics not found in call reports or anywhere else.

Compare Key Ratios Against Peers

Our peer analytics helps you feel confident that your credit
union's decisions are not outside the industry norm.

You'll have unique access to performance data unavailable
anywhere else. You'll learn which areas of your credit union
where you are ahead of the market and which sections you might
need to play catch up.

Up-to-Date Peer Analysis

You no longer need to wait for quarterly call report data to be released.
With Visible Equity's peer analytics, your analysis is always current and always ready for your next board meeting, examination, or strategy meeting.

What You Get Out of It

Credit Risk Comparison

Learn how your risk compares to your peers.

Pricing Strategy Justification

Evaluate your pricing strategy by comparing interest rates, LTVs and/or loan segments.

Key Insights for Growth

Identify loan segments, population segements, or geographies with high or low growth rates.

Visible Equity's Peer Analytics is now available

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