Loan Portfolio Software

Our web-based software application is used by Analysts, CFOs, Chief Lending Officers, and Lenders to identify, measure, and monitor the risks and opportunities in their loan portfolios.


Updated valuations are provided on residential real estate, commercial real estate, automobiles, etc.


Analyze your lending for heavy concentrations without enough diversification.


Identify and monitor pools of loans over time. Measure your underwriting performance.


Analyze your loan portfolio from multiple viewpoints that affect your risk and profitability.


Slice and dice your data to your hearts content. Categorize and sub-categorize your data.


Assess the quality of the loans in your portfolio, from credit quality to asset quality.


Analyze how key metrics (credit score, LTV, etc.) can change and migrate over time.


Stay on top of your growth by analyzing new production within your loan portfolio.


Understand the overall performance of your portfolio with charge-offs, delinquencies,
and profitability.


Analyze the amount of loss you would incur, should a borrower default on a loan.



Store and manage all your disparate data in one location.

Working with loan data

We understand that often working with a new product can be time consuming and difficult. We make the process as painless as possible with a specialized implementation team designated to help you understand our system, understand how the data is transferred back and forth, and get you up and using the system as fast as possible.

Working with 3rd party data

Our data specialist works with you and your team in determining which data fields are representative of the type of analysis you need to perform on your loan portfolio. Once your data needs are determined, you can analyze and upload an unlimited number of fields, giving you a complete portfolio analysis. We often get asked what data systems we work with. The answer is simply this: "If your system can export your data in a delimited file format, we can work with that data." It doesn't matter which core you use or credit bureau you prefer, we can work with them all.

Uploading data

Once the data that is needed for analysis is identified from your various systems, we have several convenient options for transferring the data. You can login to our loan portfolio software and upload your data from your browser through a secure connection or we can setup a secure FTP connection for your institution. If you aren't a "data person" or you need a little help learning how to upload the data, our data support team will make sure you get a first-class tutorial on the data transfer process.

"Visible Equity realizes that all of us look at data in a different way, we all see things in a different perspective, and we're all looking at the data for different reasons."



Have you ever been excited about a new product, gone through the training, started using the product only to realize you're not the pro you thought you were? Fear not, we've built our support team around guiding you every step of the way after your initial implementation. Whether you want to be the company loan portfolio data genius, or you simply want to print off a report for management, we make sure you know how to accomplish your task.

Ongoing product training

There is a reason Visible Equity is known nationwide for our customer service. Every day we have several dedicated time slots that you can reserve for your institution to be trained. It doesn't matter if you have questions on your data, need to train a new employee, or want to understand a section of the site, we will help you with anything you need help on. In addition to our individual training we hold weekly webinar trainings, pre-examination meetings, and always have someone standing by willing to help.

Knowledgeable data team

Our data team has worked with some of the largest organizations in the world in identifying and combining data. Our data specialists will help you understand how your data fits together and show you how to uncover the hidden opportunities in your data. If you need help understanding what data fields you should gather for the future, we'll help you with that too.

Tutorials and help forums

You might be the type of person that doesn't want to pick up the phone or talk to someone every time you hit a snag. Our product tutorials and help section are built to quickly get you the answer you need. From watching video tutorials, or reading white papers, to seeing common practices. Our customer service conforms to your preferred method of communication instead of you conforming to ours.

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