Loan Analytics is our flagship product and for good reason. It gives you powerful analytics, functionality, and reporting that previously only the largest, most sophisticated institutions could access. Our software is designed both for users that just want to quickly access our standard reports and for users that want to really dive in to understand and analyze their portfolios. Wherever you fit on that spectrum, Loan Analytics has the exact analysis and insight you need, is easy to use, and will save you a lot of time.


  • Collateral Values & LTV Analysis
    Updated collateral values are included with your subscription. We provide collateral valuation models (AVMs) for residential real estate, commercial real estate, automobiles, and other assets. LTV and Negative Equity calculations are seamlessly integrated.
  • Credit Risk & Risk Ratings
    Assess the level of credit risk on an individual borrower and on the portfolio level using our probability of default models and other risk rating/grading methods. Easily track trends and migrations.
  • Concentration Risk & Multi-Dimensional Analysis
    Slice and dice your portfolio to manage concentration risk by geography, loan type, business type, risk ratings, and much more, including customized segmentation and multi-dimensional analysis.
  • Performance Reporting
    Monitor the performance of your portfolio for delinquency, charge-off, profitability, and general trends and conditions, including new production metrics and snapshot reporting (branches, loan officers, auto dealers, etc.)
  • Migration and Trending
    Easily view how key metrics are migrating and trending over time.
  • Static Pool Analysis
    Isolate and analyze pools of loans to track key performance metrics by cohort/static pool.
Data Warehousing
Store and manage all your data in one location. Data warehousing is the first pillar of our platform. We aggregate data from your core processor, third party processors, loan origination software, even your spreadsheets into our secure data warehouse. You get an unlimited amount of storage, access to your data 24/7, and unlimited users, queries, exports.
We make state-of-the-art analytics easy, affordable, and accessible for banks, credit unions, and financial institutions of all shapes and sizes. Powerful analytics is the second pillar of our platform. We infuse your data with our advanced analytics to create the perfect recipe for analytic success! Whether you are analyzing risk, estimating losses, or looking for predictive marketing, we are committed to our goal of using analytics to help our clients make better, data-driven decisions.
Reporting & Visualization Software
Create actionable dashboards and custom reports. Once we have your data and we infuse our data and analytics, we’re ready to create some amazing reports with the third pillar of our platform - reporting software. Our software allows you to easily create and save lists, filters, and actionable dashboards and reports to help better understand and communicate key results. We work hard to make our reports be insightful and look professional. The software is available 24/7 with no per user, per report, or per anything fees.
"Visible Equity is one of our trusted partners. They consistently exceed our service expectations while providing a comprehensive and user friendly platform to use for our analytics."
John Strauch
Loan Administration Manager at Pacific Crest FCU
"In advance of our recent NCUA examination, Visible Equity’s client success team helped me create a report set for our examiners. I appreciate the efficiency and thoughtfulness they demonstrated in responding to our inquiry and resolving our problem."
Tom Boos
CEO at Billings FCU
Loan Analytics
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