Deposit Analytics helps you better analyze your key funding source: deposits. Whether you want to monitor likely cash flows from maturing CDs, estimate balance changes due to changes in interest rates, or simply track volumes and concentrations by deposit type, Deposit Analytics has you covered. Formal core deposit studies are great and certainly have their purpose, but are generally slow and expensive. Instantly get the key results, pricing betas, and decay rates with our advanced deposit models and customizable reporting.


  • Concentrations & Multi-Dimensional Analysis
    Slice and dice your deposits by product type, maturity date, demographics, geography, and much more, including customized segmentation and multi-dimensional analysis.
  • Driver Rates*
    Use our analytical models to identify which specific market rates have the greatest predictive power on each deposit type, whether that’s Treasury, Fed Funds, LIBOR, or some other market rate.
  • Maturity Analysis
    Easily see the amount of time deposits are set to mature at given time intervals so you can plan and act appropriately.
  • Pricing Strategies
    Develop smart, data-driven pricing strategies based on our deposit modeling.
  • Core Deposits
    Identify which deposits are likely to be core and which are likely to be "hot money."
  • Sensitivity Analysis*
    Use our 'what if' tools to see the impact changing rates have on your cost of funds and forecasted deposit volumes.
  • Pricing Betas*
    Use our pricing models to predict the sensitivity of your interest rates to movements in driver rates.
  • Decay Rates & Portfolio Growth*
    Analyze decay rates and volume models to determine the average life of deposits, better monitor portfolio performance, and identify future cash flows.
  • *Contact Visible Equity for current availability
Data Warehousing
Store and manage all your data in one location. Data warehousing is the first pillar of our platform. We aggregate data from your core processor, third party processors, loan origination software, even your spreadsheets into our secure data warehouse. You get an unlimited amount of storage, access to your data 24/7, and unlimited users, queries, exports.
We make state-of-the-art analytics easy, affordable, and accessible for banks, credit unions, and financial institutions of all shapes and sizes. Powerful analytics is the second pillar of our platform. We infuse your data with our advanced analytics to create the perfect recipe for analytic success! Whether you are analyzing risk, estimating losses, or looking for predictive marketing, we are committed to our goal of using analytics to help our clients make better, data-driven decisions.
Reporting & Visualization Software
Create actionable dashboards and custom reports. Once we have your data and we infuse our data and analytics, we’re ready to create some amazing reports with the third pillar of our platform - reporting software. Our software allows you to easily create and save lists, filters, and actionable dashboards and reports to help better understand and communicate key results. We work hard to make our reports be insightful and look professional. The software is available 24/7 with no per user, per report, or per anything fees.
"Visible Equity data is extremely powerful, and the usefulness of the data is invaluable when evaluating past performance and planning for the future. They also provide outstanding customer support. Their client success team were instrumental in helping U. S. Eagle Federal Credit Union drastically improve the integrity of our data."
Jacob Armijo
Loan Portfolio Manager/Credit Analyst at U.S. Eagle FCU
"Thank you to the Visible Equity team! They are a valued partner to our Credit Union. Their analytics are topnotch and their client teams are so user friendly. We are increasing our utilization of their products as compliance requirements are increasing. Highly recommend!"
Carl Roer
CEO at Cascade FCU
Deposit Analytics
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