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The perfect analytics framework for intelligent lists, propensity scores,
householding, account linkage, and complete customer-centric analysis.

Slice and Dice Your Customer Base

With Customer Analytics you can easily perform customer-centric
analysis. Link customer accounts with other data, such as loans,
deposits, and credit bureau data. You'll also have a solid analytical
framework from which to conduct fair lending, marketing analytics, and other key analyses.

If that’s not enough, Customer Analytics also comes with progressive
filters, which allow you to compare multiple data filters side by side,
create custom, intelligent lists for use in advertising campaigns, risk
management, collections, etc., and drill down to the record level.

Quite simply, you will get a holistic, comprehensive view of your
customer base that you just can’t get anywhere else.


• Customer-centric analysis
• Link data and accounts together

• Customer demographics
• Loan Accounts
• Loan Applications
• Deposit Accounts
• Credit Bureau and other data

• Progressive filtering
• Side-by-side comparison
• Intelligent lists
• Drill-down capabilities

We provide a smarter way to do customer analysis
by linking all of their data together.

Create targeted marketing lists

With the number of messages received by consumers today it's never been more important for your messaging to be customized to meet your clients' needs. Using Customer Analytics, you'll be able to segment your customer base to only those customers that are most likely to respond to your marketing campaign.

Segment members by products owned

Most of your customers own multiple products. Using our Customer Analytics, you'll be able to segment your customers by products owned and those not yet purchased.

Enhance analysis using additional
credit bureau data attributes

Credit bureaus have vast amounts of data available for analysis, the problem is most institutions don't have a great way to analyze that data. With Customer Analytics you'll now be able to put to use all of the additional attributes received from the credit bureaus.

Analyze top exposure areas by member

Mitigate you overall risk by better understanding which members are over extended. This type of analysis will also help you decrease the time you spend with examiners by providing common reports they request such as aggregate loan balance by member.

Link all customers' loans together from
both your institution and others

Most consumers have multiple auto loans, home loans, student loans and other credit products. The problem for most lenders is linking all of those loans together for a holistic customer analysis. Through aggregating your disparate data sources and through a special partnership with the credit bureaus, you'll now be able to gain a full understanding of your customer's financial situation.

Assess member profitability

Do you know which customers make up 80% of your profits and which ones cause 80% of your expenses? Now, you can make better decisions on how to allocate your resources in order to serve those customers who matter most.

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