Analytics for
Loan Applications

Use Application Analytics to easily analyze your loan applications for approval and other performance rates, key statistical metrics, and ‘what-if’ scenarios.

What Our Application Analytics Helps You Analyze


Auto Dealer

Loan Officer

Denial Code

Loan Term

Debt to Income Ratio

Collateral Value

Interest Rate

Credit Score


And more...

Application Fair Lending Testing!

Run Application 'What-if' Scenarios

YES, this is very cool! Why?

This means you can identify new loan opportunities and increase your bottom line, and who doesn't love that? In addition, you can test changes you might want to make to your underwriting such as credit score ranges, LTV's, Rate of Return, DTI, etc. This can help you optimize the alignment of your application underwriting with your lending goals.

Key Benefits

Clean and simple user interface.

Improve underwriting criteria with ‘what if’ scenarios.

Save time on reporting.

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