One data source that tends to be frequently overlooked is your loan applications. Financial Institutions generally do a good job underwriting and making approval decisions, but stepping back and analyzing these results can help you better meet your lending goals and target portfolio mix. With Visible Equity’s Application Analytics you can easily track the sources of your applications, review approval and denial rates, and see key trends. Pair Application Analytics with Loan Analytics, Customer/Marketing Analytics, Peer Analytics, and Fair Lending and you’ll be able to monitor ongoing performance of approved and funded applications, track marketing campaigns, see how you stack up to your peers on key metrics related to applications, and monitor your application activities for potential discrimationary effects.


  • Concentrations & Multi-Dimensional Analysis
    Slice and dice your applications to manage concentrations by channel, geography, loan type, business type, risk ratings, and much more. Customized segmentation and multi-dimensional analysis provides a deeper dive into your application trends.
  • Trending
    Monitor the level and trends in key metrics, such as application volumes, denial rates, interest rates, LTVs, etc., all stratified by source, product, or any number of standard or custom stratification options.
  • Disposition & Time to Decision Reporting
    Easily track the disposition and time to decisioning of the various stages of an application, providing key insights to help you better manage your application processes.
  • 'What if' Analysis
    Use our ‘What if’ scenarios tool to see the impact that changing certain application parameters (i.e., credit score, LTV, etc.) will have on approval ratios, expected revenue, and more.
Data Warehousing
Store and manage all your data in one location. Data warehousing is the first pillar of our platform. We aggregate data from your core processor, third party processors, loan origination software, even your spreadsheets into our secure data warehouse. You get an unlimited amount of storage, access to your data 24/7, and unlimited users, queries, exports.
We make state-of-the-art analytics easy, affordable, and accessible for banks, credit unions, and financial institutions of all shapes and sizes. Powerful analytics is the second pillar of our platform. We infuse your data with our advanced analytics to create the perfect recipe for analytic success! Whether you are analyzing risk, estimating losses, or looking for predictive marketing, we are committed to our goal of using analytics to help our clients make better, data-driven decisions.
Reporting & Visualization Software
Create actionable dashboards and custom reports. Once we have your data and we infuse our data and analytics, we’re ready to create some amazing reports with the third pillar of our platform - reporting software. Our software allows you to easily create and save lists, filters, and actionable dashboards and reports to help better understand and communicate key results. We work hard to make our reports be insightful and look professional. The software is available 24/7 with no per user, per report, or per anything fees.
"Visible Equity is one of our trusted partners. They consistently exceed our service expectations while providing a comprehensive and user friendly platform to use for our analytics."
John Strauch
Loan Administration Manager at Pacific Crest FCU
"Thank you to the Visible Equity team! They are a valued partner to our Credit Union. Their analytics are topnotch and their client teams are so user friendly. We are increasing our utilization of their products as compliance requirements are increasing. Highly recommend!"
Carl Roer
CEO at Cascade FCU
Application Analytics
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