Kitsap FCU

Tony Bulerri, VP of Business Lending for Kitsap, tells us how they have transformed their credit union using the common language of Visible Equity to streamline reports, better manage and act on loan analytics and satisfy regulators.

Energy Capital CU

Kanika Boutte, Chief Operations Officer for Energy Capital Credit Union in Houston, Texas, tells us why partnering with Visible Equity has been the most enjoyable partnership of her management career. “With $225 Million in assets a little over 19,000 members, before partnering with Visible Equity, we were all over the place. We knew what output we wanted to see but we really had no way of getting that information.”

Air Academy FCU

In a recent interview, Paulette said their adoption of Visible Equity software in September 2011 immediately delivered a huge improvement in her ability to quickly and easily get the analysis she needed for risk assessments.

Solarity CU

In 2011, Solarity Credit Union was created from a merger between two institutions. Prior to the merger one of the credit unions had recently had the examiners recommend that they should start utilizing analytics for their loan portfolio. After the merger was done, Ralph Cumbee became Chief Lending Officer of the merged institution and started looking at Visible Equity for their analytics needs.

Coors CU

We recently sat down with Bryan Thomas who serves as VP of Lending and Operations for Coors Credit Union. He has been with the company for 2 years. Coors has used Visible Equity for 3 years. "They were using Visible Equity when I arrived. But I've seen their old reports that were generated before we got Visible Equity. They used lots of spreadsheets and static info out of the accounting software. It took lots of time to enter all the data, then the data wasn't at all dynamic. So you just had static reports," Thomas said

Cabrillo FCU

In the summer of 2011, Cabrillo Credit Union was looking for a quicker way to produce their examination reports.

Altier FCU

In 2010 Altier Credit Union was looking for a streamlined process to make their examination process and analysis easier.

Fresno County FCU

"Visible Equity has exceeded our expectations from day one and has yet to leave anything to be desired. Having the ability to analyze our portfolio so effortlessly has made it so that we can say, with confidence, that we know our portfolio. It's truly been a game-changer for us."