The Big Move
November 2018

With growth comes change, and that’s something Visible Equity has seen a lot of in recent months. We have hit a record year of partnering with new clients, which has necessitated bringing on additional analysts, statisticians, mathematicians, and magicians. More employees means more desks, and more desks means more space. So what did we do? We up and moved all the way across the street.

Rows and rows of desks border swag stores and ping pong tables. And why not? Visible Equity has always been a huge promoter of work hard – play hard. Stressed about data reconciliation issues? Why not take a walk on a treadmill as you troubleshoot and data map. Had a long day justifying CECL loss methods? Hop on over to our nap room for a quick massage. Sometimes you just need to throw around some trash talk over a friendly game of ping pong, then head to your collaboration area to better incorporate ideas to improve products and processes.

Our new headquarters has allowed Visible Equity the space to grow so we can better meet the needs and interests of our amazing clients. Being able to better spread our wings and create better products, service, and analytics has been an important step in Visible Equity’s history. Great things are in the pipeline, and we cannot be more excited to share our new home, our new ideas, and our new products with our clients.

Stop on in, we would love to have you visit!

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