Just Released: Lookback and Lookforward Date Filters
July 2019

When you want to analyze last month’s originations or next month’s maturing loans, it can be painful to enter static dates in your origination date filter or maturity date filter and manually edit each month when you are attempting a non-static lookback or lookforward. We heard you, we listened, and we have introduced lookback and lookforward date filters. We recently released four filters of this nature: origination date lookback, maturity date lookforward, application date lookback, and open date lookback across three modules. Below is a quick summary on what to expect when you try these out for the first time.


Loan Beta Analytics: Origination Date Lookback

Assume the data date moving forward in this post is 5/31/2019. To filter loans that originated in the last month, I can simply enter the first and last day of the month and retrieve my desired data, observed in the image below. However, when I pull my saved report next month, I will have to manually change those dates to 6/1/2019 and 6/30/2019 if I wish to see the prior month’s originations again.

You can enter in a lookback following the prompts in the freeform fields. In this scenario, I would simply enter “0” in the “From:” cell, and “1” in the “To:” cell, understanding that I am wishing to lookback one month from today. Therefore, when I pull my saved report next month using this filter, my dates will not be static and there will be no need to manually change dates.


You may wonder why there are two free-form fields to enter. We created two fields for continued flexibility for our users. If you wish to look at the loans originated six months ago that are still active loans during your data date, you can enter “6” and “7,” and you will retrieve loans from November 2018 (11/1/2018 - 11/30/2018). 

Functionality Notes:

  • Freeform cells allow for positive integers only
  • Period options include month, quarter, and year


Loan Beta Analytics and Deposit Analytics: Maturity Date Lookforward

Opposite of the origination date lookback, the maturity date lookforward filter captures maturing loans in future dates in Loans Beta, and maturing deposits in Deposit Analytics. Following the same concept of entering two integers, a user can select dynamic values.

Again, assuming the data date is 5/31/2019, if you simply enter “0” in the “From:” cell, and “1” in the “To:” cell, you will retrieve loans that have a maturity date existing in the next calendar month, 6/1/2019 to 6/30/2019. If you always want to see your loans maturing 12 to 24 months into the future, simply adding “12” and “24” will filter to all active loans that have a maturity date that lies between 6/1/2020 to 5/31/2021.


Bonus Hidden Secret: Do you believe you have loans with maturity dates in the past that you need to identify and possibly clean up? Use a negative integer to lookback! In this example, I am now retrieving all the loans that have a maturity date in the past six months.

Functionality Notes:

  • Freeform cells allow for integers only
  • Period options include month, quarter, and year


Application Analytics: Application Date Lookback

Because our Application module allows (and encourages!) daily file uploads, some data dates reflect any day of the month, not just the last calendar date. For this reason, we have introduced “days” as one of the periods to select for application dates. In the scenario below, we are looking to filter to our applications received in the last 14 days. Entering a "0" in the "From:" cell and a "13" in the "To:" cell will include applications received on the data date of the report. If you want to exclude the current date and start from the previous day, enter a "1" and a "14" rather than a "0" and a "13."


In this example, assume the data date is 6/18/2019.


Functionality Notes: 

  • Freeform cells allow for positive integers only
  • Period options include day, month, quarter, and year
  • Because of flexible data dates throughout the month, use extra care when determining your lookback period and integers


Deposit Analytics: Open Date Lookback

Much like the origination date lookback in Loans Beta, the same functionality exists in Deposit Analytics with the open date lookback filter. At this point you probably understand how this works. By inputting “0” and “1” in the "From:" and "To:" free-form fields respectively, you will retrieve last month’s deposits that were opened.

Assuming a 5/31/2019 data date: 


Functionality Notes:

  • Freeform cells allow for positive integers only
  • Period options include month, quarter, and year



As we introduce more options in which to filter by, we will be incorporating lookback and lookforward filters wherever it makes sense. If you haven't already migrated over to Loans Beta or explored our Application and Deposit Analytics platforms, this might be your reason to! If you are already swimming through your data in this module, here are four more tools to add to your toolbox to successfully filter through your data.

Nicole Haverly
Product Director

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