First Impressions of a New Product Director
April 2019

As I walked into my first day of work at Visible Equity on a chilly January morning, I had a lot of questions on my mind. What would the work culture be like? How would the people be? Will I like it? Will I fit in? After having worked in a hard-core investment banking world and other global tech companies for 10+ years, these questions were looming on my mind. When you have been with a company for too long, you wonder if you are too institutionalized and will it be easy to reacclimate to a new culture. Will that new culture sweep you up in its arms? Too many questions…& I had a whole new world ahead of me to discover!

My first impressions - As I was ushered into the bright hallway of Visible Equity, I visually absorbed all that I saw. I remember feeling this sense of warmth exude from both the physical space and the people who work here. I remember seeing the bright white walls contrasting with the trademark Visible Equity orange, and the large windows overlooking the picturesque Salt Lake Valley on one side and the Wasatch Mountains on the other. On the inside, clients were honored on the magnetic "Client Wall of Fame". It was a bustling atmosphere. People were busy working with clients on a call, huddled in problem solving mode, engrossed in passionate conversations about statistical models, discussing food, sports, family or having an intense ping-pong play-off. There was a welcoming smile on their face as they saw this new member of their team walk by. The culture that you experience at Visible Equity right from the outset is very endearing, clearly people here work hard and play harder!!  You could tell that the culture here is defined by the people, they make Visible Equity what it is today.

Over the next few weeks and months, I started to work closely with the many teams and team members and got to know them on a one on one level. Be it any area of the firm - Sales, Marketing, Client Success, Product, Analytics, Development, or our office staff - the zeal, passion, and enthusiasm is remarkable!  You see a sense of security in the people here, wanting to help one another and at the same time feel comfortable in their own skin. I have to admit, I was consistently impressed by the caliber of the people at Visible Equity. I was amazed at how invested they were in serving our clients and in the success of what we do. There is an innate sense of responsibility and ownership at all levels of the organization. What you quickly realize is that this culture truly begins at the highest level, starting from our leaders and going all the way down. Kudos to the leadership team at Visible Equity for creating this unique mix of passionate, intellectual, result driven, fun team culture while keeping its familial values intact.

I have found myself pleasantly surprised with how much and how soon I have started to love this place. I could not be more grateful to be surrounded by such bright minds who constantly endeavour to create value for our clients and enjoy the process along the way!

Hopefully, sharing my experience gives you a sneak-peek into Visible Equity and its unique work culture.


Brinda Jaikumar
Product Director
Visible Equity

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