FAQ’s from Webinar: Is ‘Hot Money’ Hiding in Your Deposit Portfolio?
March 2017

This year we are hosting monthly webinars on various analytics topics. These webinars are in-depth, educational, and overall well worth your time both from a product perspective and an industry perspective.

The latest webinar was on 2/25 which was titled “Is ‘hot money’ hiding in your deposit portfolio?“. This article addresses the questions and answers from the webinar. 


When will these analytics be available within Visible Equity software?

Our analytics team is finalizing modeling. As soon as they are done, we will move into the development phase. Unfortunately, it’s hard to predict when development will be done. We hope soon.


How far back are we looking at share deposits?

In the presentation various slides looked at various time periods. Extrapolating from the question, it’s important to model the data across time periods in which there were rate changes, which hasn’t happened in many years. So ideally we would be able to analyze data across multiple rate cycles.


Is Visible Equity going to put more emphasis on the asset side or the liability side?

Mostly asset side. We have 8 products, 5 deal primarily with the asset side (Loans, Advanced Loans, Applications, ALLL, Fair Lending), 1 deals with liability side (deposits), and 2 cross both sides (Customer/Marketing and Peer).


Will the Visible Equity tool automatically calculate the correlation rates vs multiple different drivers (ie 1 yr, 3 yr, etc)?

Yes, we believe so. We are still developing this portion of the product, but yes we intend to be able to analyze multiple driver rates and either pick the highest correlating or allow the user to select which driver rate to use.



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