Dear Hilary…Credit Score Definitions
January 2015

Welcome to “Dear Hilary”. As we welcome in 2015, our team at Visible Equity is looking at ways we can make your life just a little bit easier. In fact, that is what my job is all about! One of the best parts of my job is that I get to interact with you, our clients.

In effort to make your 2015 a little brighter, on a weekly basis I will be sharing common questions that I hear from clients. Although each client has different data and unique issues, the questions I hear are often the same.

To start the year off, I am sharing a question that nearly every client asks:

Dear Hilary,
I have been running reports in Visible Equity and am confused with all the different credit score definitions. What is the difference between Original, Updated, Previous, and Most Recent Credit Score?

Confused Client


Dear Confused Client,

Great question! The different credit score definitions can get a little confusing, and I would love to clear that up for you. There are really two types of credit scores (the credit score at the origination of the loan and credit scores pulled during the duration of the loan), and the different definitions give you more flexibility in your analysis.

An original credit score is the score with a date closest to the loan origination date. An updated credit score is the score closest to the current data date that is not the original score. However, the most recent score is the score closest to the current data date, even if that score is the original credit score. The previous credit score is the second most recent credit score.

Happy New Year!

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