Dear Hilary – VE Conference
April 2015

Dear Hilary,

We were not able to attend the conference this last year. Is there going to be a National Conference in 2016?


VE Conference


Dear VE Conference,

There will not be a conference in 2016, as our team has decided to work on developing new products and put a greater emphasis on our regional user groups for 2016.

User groups are organized to teach best practices in using Visible Equity’s products and facilitate peer networking. Once per year a representative from Visible Equity travels to the dedicated region and meets with each user group in person.

They are of no cost to our clients. I HIGHLY recommend that you attend if possible because they are a wonderful way to network , work with our awesome support team in person, and learn how your peers are using the VE products . Plus, lunch is on us. Win-win.

Happy Friday!



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