Dear Hilary – Grade Method Comparison Report
February 2015

Dear Hilary,

I’ve been working in the Visible Equity system for some time now and I find that I’m not certain what to make of the Grade Method Comparison report. Can you tell me how I might use this report?

Lost in Grading


Dear Lost in Grading,

Great question! This might just be the most underutilized reports in Visible Equity’s Loan Portfolio Analytics product. To understand how you might benefit from the report, let me first explain what it is.

The grades summary table compares the various grading methods used within Loan Portfolio Analytics in a table format. The data can be viewed by unpaid balance, count, or percentage depending on whether the unpaid balance, loan count, or percentage link is selected.

This report is great because it provides you a quick way to view where loans are concentrated within each of the grading segments. As with our other reports you can view this report by the default table view or the chart view.


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