Dear Hilary – Fair Lending Interest
January 2015

Dear Hilary, 

I need help interpreting the Fair Lending Pricing Discrimination report. When filtering to Consumer Credit Cards, it shows an Average Interest Rate of 5.34% and an Average Expected Interest Rate of 5.52% (Data Date of 12/31/2014) in the category of a certain ethnic group. Our actual credit cards are as low as 8.49%. Where are those averages coming from?

Fair Lending Interest


Dear Fair Lending Interest,

The loans that had borrowers whose race was found to be of that ethnic group were grouped together. The average ORIGINAL interest rate of that group was 5.34%. The interest rate that shows when you click on the ethnic group and bring up the list of loans, is the CURRENT interest rate. If you apply the filter >> select “Viewed Loans” >> you are able to customize the fields that are displayed to add the original interest rate. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Happy Friday!

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