Dear Hilary – Defining Delinquencies
September 2017

Dear Hilary,

I noticed within Visible Equity, delinquency is defined as a loan that is equal to or greater than 60 days delinquent; however, our institution defines delinquency differently. Is this something that can be changed?

Defining Delinquency


Dear Defining Delinquency,

Within Visible Equity, there is a lot of customization available for your financial institution – delinquency being one of many. Although most of our clients stay with the default definition for delinquency, some financial institutions have chosen to have delinquency be defined as equal to greater than 30 days delinquent. It is a matter of a few clicks for our programmers, and we can have this customized within your portfolio! When in doubt, always ask us. One of my favorite things about working at Visible Equity is working with such a creative team.

Happy Friday!

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