Are you a Deposits Matrix Wizard?
June 2019

I truly believe that the Deposits Module as a Visible Equity product offering has a lot of untapped potential waiting to be explored. In many ways, this can be a good thing! For one, there are all the existing features and functionalities that are potentially under-utilized, that we can help you better leverage. On the other hand, from where I’m looking, I see endless possibilities that can be built into this module to help you manage your deposits portfolio effectively.

In this blog, I would like to help you re-claim your deposits super-powers, if you are not on it already!  Chances are if you are a Visible Equity Deposit’s client, you have used many of our most commonly used reports and dashboards. Here are some of our valuable, yet underutilized reports, that I think can be applied to any financial institution wanting to manage their deposits portfolio effectively. Let me start by adding, ‘Matrix’ is one of my personal favorite reporting ‘element’! I like its ability to help transform a magnitude of data into an easily digestible yet actionable piece of information. You are going to see a lot of it here!

  • Deposits Balance Tier Matrix: This is a neat report that breaks down all the broad deposit type categories into balance tiers. This allows you to see how the overall balance and count of individual customer accounts is concentrated across each balance tier. It helps you have a more magnified look into the largest contributors to your overall Deposits Portfolio.

  • CD Maturity Projection Matrix:  This example depicts the various maturity periods in tiers and looks at data across all certificate of deposits by balance and count. This can be a very meaningful data point to your institution, to help you plan ahead and have a view into your future cash management needs.

  • Branch Analysis Matrix: A one-stop snapshot look at your institution’s various branches and how they are performing can be a very powerful tool to say the least. This visual shows just that! It also allows you to compare and focus on areas that need to improve or makes you ponder if you should adjust your strategy.  

  • Certificate of Deposit Trends Report: This report provides a look-back into your certificate of deposits behavior and trends over the last six months. Focusing on aspects such as balance, count, concentration ratio, and average rate can reveal insights, period over period. This can be a very revelatory information on how your CDs are doing across the board.

As you can see, there is a lot that can be done with Visible Equity’s Matrix element. For that matter, I would say the same about any of our other stellar reporting elements that are out there!  It’s important to note though - the key to any great report is data quality, especially data that includes historical information which can help tell a good story and allows sound decision making.  We can certainly help you customize such reports to your institution’s needs, and make it more meaningful to you.

Please reach out to your Client Success Manager to help you maneuver through all the possible Matrix wizardry in the world of Deposits. Good Luck!


Brinda Jaikumar

Product Director | Visible Equity


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