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Easy User Interface

The easiest method to analyze your data since, well, ever.

Insightful Thought Leadership & Guidance

Learn more about analyzing your data with our how-to guides, industry webinars, and current research projects.

Client Success Team

Feel the love with our personalized customer service that goes above and beyond the norm.

Our Products

Loan Analytics

Use our award-winning Loan Analytics to identify, measure, and monitor the performance of your loan portfolio.

Fair Lending Analytics

Analyze your loans and applications for potential discrimination with Fair Lending Analytics.

Peer Analytics

See how you compare to peer groups across your loan portfolio, applications, deposits, etc.

Allowance for Credit Loss (CECL)

Estimate your allowance using advanced statistical analysis that meets the proposed accounting standards update issued by the financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) with Allowance for Credit Loss (CECL).

Deposit Analytics

Gain important insights into the performance of your deposit portfolio with Deposit Analytics.

Customer / Marketing Analytics

With Customer Analytics you can easily perform customer-centric analysis, link customer accounts and data; such as loans, applications, deposits, and credit bureau data, and have a solid analytical framework from which to conduct fair lending, marketing analysis, and other key analyses.

Proven Success Stories

with hundreds of companies

Joe Paettie, AVP Lending
Franklin Mint FCU

Diane Sokolik, AVP Credit Risk
Twinstar FCU

Clint Bower, VP of Consumer Lending & Collections
US New Mexico FCU

Stephanie Segura,
Compliance Manager

Ray Wade, VP Mortgage Lending and Business Services
American Airlines FCU

Megan Thompson, Senior Analyst
Fresno County FCU

Patrick Garrity, Director of Lending Strategies
Spokane Teachers CU

Laura Eacho, SVP Lending
Educational Systems FCU

The Benefits of Using Our Analysis Software

Simplify Your Analysis

Using spreadsheets to aggregate data and perform analytics is inefficient and out dated. We've simplified the process through a clean user interface and easy-to-access reports.

Easily Satisfy Regulators

The days of worrying about examinations are over. Our software will make your examinations as easy and stress-free as possible.

Let Your Data Tell a Story

It's easy to prepare for the risks you can see but it's much harder to prepare for the ones you don't. Your data tells the story, we simply give it a voice.

Identify New Lending Opportunities

Who would not want to capitalize on new forms of revenue? Many times, income comes from unexpected places. We make it easy to identify where and when new revenue can be found.

Better Plan for the Future with 'What-if' Scenarios

Our analysis software allows you to run multiple 'what-if' scenarios and see the actual results instead of guessing at outcomes.

Make Better Use of Your Time

Your time is valuable. Spend it making decisions, not worrying about aggregate data and preparing reports. Your analysis is ready, just login.

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