Our Client Success Team’s purpose is simple -- help make our clients’ data become more meaningful and actionable. Our software and analytical models do a lot of the heavy lifting, but we understand that data can be complex and that it needs to be trusted for you to maximize the benefits of the Visible Equity platform. Our talented team of client success managers, implementation managers, and data analysts are here to support you along every step towards fully leveraging your institution's data. Our service model consists of four main areas:

Because building a solid foundation of data is essential to future Visible Equity reporting, we are meticulous in our implementation approach – meticulous, yet flexible. An implementation manager will guide you through the process of integrating each of your data sources (e.g. core processor, credit bureau data, loan origination system) with Visible Equity. Implementing 750+ financial institutions on Visible Equity has given us the opportunity to successfully implement data from just about every data source out there. As a result, we’ll share best practices for your specific data sources – including sample scripts, sample file layouts, and client references who utilize the same data source.

We are equipped to handle the standard fields listed on our specification sheet, as well as an unlimited number of custom text, number, and date fields. Data is rarely “perfect”, but our software will enable you to easily view where gaps may exist, and our team will assist you in making a game plan to fill these gaps where possible, and to improve data collection and storing processes going forward. We’ll focus on getting one month of data reconciled, and once that has been accomplished, historical data may be uploaded to Visible Equity.

Our team is very hands on throughout this process and will do everything possible to keep the momentum going through the process. Our goal is to have every client up and running on Visible Equity within 60 days, and many clients achieve this goal.

Account Reviews

Like it or not, when you join the Visible Equity family, we treat you like family. Even after you are fully implemented on Visible Equity, we like to keep in contact with you on a regular basis. Your designated client success manager will schedule account reviews on a frequency of your choice (typically quarterly) to learn how your institution is utilizing Visible Equity and to ensure that you’re getting as much out of our products as possible. Topics of accounts reviews include:

  • Regulatory Exam Preparation
  • Report Automation
  • Portfolio Deep Dive Analysis (e.g. Indirect Lending, Real Estate, etc.)
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Visible Equity Best Practices
  • CECL Preparation

Because Visible Equity’s user base is very diverse – from small “5-person shops” to multi-billion-dollar institutions, from data analysts to CEOs, from lending professionals to accountants – we offer a wide variety training options, each customized to meet the needs of the client:

  • Unlimited Web Conferencing
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Regional Training Camps
  • National Analytics Conference
  • On-site Training
Ongoing Support

As your reporting needs expand, as new data becomes available, and as new users at your institution being learning the ins and outs of Visible Equity, questions are inevitable – and we’re here to help! Our data analysts spend way too much time thinking about data, so you don’t need too. You can get in touch with us through our online ticketing system or by phone. Or if you’d prefer to avoid human interaction altogether, we have a library chock-full of technical papers, frequently asked questions, blog articles, and archived webinars.

Commonly Asked Questions
  1. Upload data through a secure connection in your browser.
  2. We can set up a secure connection for you through FTP.
  3. We also work with many third parties that supply us your data directly.

We work with any delimited file format, or in other words, any file that can be read by Microsoft Excel. Typically this is any delimited file format (CSV, Pipe Delimited, Tab Delimited, etc.). Our preferred file format is tab delimited text file.

Yes, we can value your homes, automobiles, commercial properties, etc. In the demo you will learn specifics on how we value each asset class.

Our typical implementation process is 60-90 days.

Our implementation team will work closely with you in determining which data fields are meaningful, but in general we need data on the loan attributes, application data, borrower characteristics, and collateral, if applicable.

We charge a one-time setup fee and a monthly licensing fee, based on the asset size of your institution and the modules you subscribe to. There are no additional reporting, user, maintenance, or any other nickel-and-diming fees.

You can have as many users as you would like. You can also designate one or more users as an admin, which provides them with additional functionality. You can also designate a user as an upload data only user, which allows for the user to upload data, but not view any analysis.

Yes, please view our Products pages to read about each one.

We do not create “credit scores”, but can either take credit scores directly from you or we can work with you and one of the major credit reporting agencies to select appropriate scores and attributes.

Visible Equity is SOC2 Type 2 Certified on an annual basis and can provide you the reports. However, Visible Equity goes well beyond the SOC2 requirements in protecting your data and our company. One of our basic beliefs is, "Data Security is Oxygen". We go to great lengths to protect data; from technology applications (24/7 IDS suites) to the employee level training on data security - we are glad to discuss with you and provide evidence for any questions that you may have around our data security posture.

Most clients upload data to our site on a monthly basis at month end. Upon data upload some data is available immediately other data takes a few hours or longer to calculate, depending on the size and format of the files loaded. Once data is in the Visible Equity System it is actively recalculated to ensure collateral values are up to date and all data is matched appropriately.

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