Year in Review: Our 5 Most Popular Posts of 2015
January 2016

Another year has come and gone, and we’ve compiled our five most popular posts of 2015 according to our readers!  Whether we were discussing new credit union regulations, auto loans, or general lending institution advice, our blogs in 2015 were geared towards educating our readers. 

Below are our top 5 blog posts of 2015:

1. 2015 was a year full of new credit union regulations. Our most popular blog post of the year highlights 5 New Regulations That All Credit Unions Need to Be Aware of this Year.

2. One important tool that the data-minded lender ought to be familiar with is multi-variate regression, a method of statistical analysis that looks to quantify the effect a list of variables has on a target variable. We discuss it’s usage our blog post, How to Use Multi-Variate Linear Regression for Loan Analysis.

3. A relevant question for credit unions is, are your members flocking to you for loans to secure their new wheels? If not, your competitors could be stealing your members’ business out from under you. This is a major talking point in our blog post, Nine Ways to Increase Auto Loans for Your Credit Union.

4. Piggy-backing on the auto loans discussion, we explore the promninence of auto loans in the past year, and understanding Key Metrics for Analyzing Auto Loan Portfolios.

5. When it comes to credit union loan volume, opportunities not only exist, they are growing — exponentially, in some markets. We examine how to drive more loan volume in this blog post, 6 Methods That are Helping Lending Institutions Across the Country Drive More Loan Volume.

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