Dear Hilary – Not Reported Credit Scores
December 2015

Dear Hilary,

I am looking at a Concentrations / Grading report and looking at the original credit score. My question is, why is the report showing some loans as “Not Reported”.


Not Reported Credit Score


Dear Not Reported Credit Score,

When you look at a report and see “Not Reported”, it means that those loans are missing the information for which you selected as your “primary stratification”. In your case, it sounds like you selected “Credit Score (Original)” as your primary stratification. “Note Reported” will reflect the loans missing an original credit score or a credit score the system does not recognize as a valid score.

The system is built to recognize scores within the range of 300-950 as a real credit score. A score within the range will be displayed in one of the credit score tiers. A score outside of the range, blank, or “0” credit scores will show up as “Not Reported.

Happy Friday!



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