Dear Hilary – Missing Webinars
June 2016

Dear Hilary,

I really enjoy your weekly webinars, and there are a few of us over here that watch them every week. I am having trouble seeing the schedule for the upcoming webinars. Can you tell me when it will be posted?

Missing Webinar


Dear Missing Webinar,

I am thrilled to hear your team has been attending the webinars every week – they are such a great resource for learning! I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that there will not be any webinars for the month of the July, because… now for the good news: our team is hard at work making final preparations for the Visible Equity Analytics Conference that takes place July 22nd-24th in Orlando, Florida. I promise, the absence of the webinars will be worth it, and the webinars will resume after the analytics conference.

If you are not signed up for the analytics conference, there is still time! Meeting clients is my favorite thing about my job, so I would love to see you there!

Happy Friday!

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