Dear Hilary – Grading Loans
August 2018

Dear Hilary,

How does Visible Equity “Grade” or “Rate” Loans?

Grading Loans


Dear Grading Loans,

Visible Equity assigns each loan a Grade (Overall). A loan’s Grade (Overall) is the lower of (1) the average of the Probability of Delinquency, Credit Score (most recent), Loan-to-Value or Combined LTV, Debt Service Coverage Ratio and client provided Risk Rating (Risk Grade, Risk Score) or (2) the Days Delinquent Grade.

Visible Equity enables a user to stratify the selected loans by the user’s own internal grading/rating method or one or more of Visible Equity’s grading methods, which include Probability of Delinquency, Credit Score, Credit Score Migration, Loan-to-Value (LTV), Loan-to-Value Migration, Debt (Service) Coverage Ratio, etc. If the grading tiers do not match up to what your institution uses internally, submit a submit ticket with your grading tiers and we will get them customized for you!

Happy Friday!

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