Dear Hilary – Finding Charge-off Loans
May 2017

Dear Hilary,

Within Visible Equity, how can I view individual or a list of the charged-off loans?

Needing Charge-off Help


Dear Needing Charge-off Help,

To identify charged-off loans you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Select “View Loans” (below the Loan Data Filter)
  2. Change the status to “Charged-Off”
  3. Change the date range you would to look at
  4. There are the loans you have been looking for!

In the future, we intend on giving users the ability to bring up the loan list by clicking directly on each of the numbers on the charge-off report, as you may be familiar with on other reports. This will be one of our many improvements put out by development in the near future!

Happy Friday!

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