Dear Hilary – Data Changes
June 2016

Dear Hilary,

I loaded my files a couple of days ago, but it does not look as though any have loaded. I can see the files do not have an Implemented date nor does it have a check in the mapped column. When can I expect the data to be loaded?



Dear Curious,

Great question! The short answer: there was a change to the file layout, so the file needs to be manually mapped.

If a file has already been mapped in a previous month, it will load automatically. Any time the header layout of a file is changed, it will be assigned a new header ID and a manual re-implementation is required. Small changes, such as a change to a field header name or an additional field, will be detected by our system and will result in the file not loading automatically.

If you intentionally change a file layout, please notify our team of the change through a support ticket. Due to the amount of files we receive each month that requires manual mapping, it can take up to five business days for new or changes files to be ready. That being said, please let us know if there is an urgent reason for needing the file to be promptly implemented!

If the changes were not intentional, you can always reload the file in the format of the previous months file.

Happy Friday!

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